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Oslo Wood

Design by Ove Rogne


Oslo Wood is a studio lamp with a tripod base. The shade includes a revolving shade piece, which gives the possibility of exciting angles of light in the room. The lamp gives an upward, solid, indirect lighting effect as well as a warm and diffuse direct light via the shade.

Oslo Wood spreads light in the same way as seen in the forests around Oslo. The beams of light become diffused when passing through the shade, mimicking the contours of city light illuminating the sky on a dark winter night, filtered by the trees dominating the ground below. The Oslo Wood lamp’s indirect upward lighting effect relates to the somewhat stronger contours of light that reaches above the treetops.


Floor lamp
Shade material: Coloured chain link fabric
Shade colour: Beige, black or light blue
Body material: Satinised nickel
Body colour: Metallic, black or white
Wire: Black, 200 cm
Dimmer switch: Black or white (on white body only)
Bulb: E27 Max. 100 W
220V - 240V ~ 50Hz
Net weight: 3.45 kg

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